Yachtcharter Wetterwille

Yachtcharter Wetterwille


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Yachtcharter Wetterwille has a suitable ship for every occasion and budget

Have you always wanted to explore the Frisian lakes on and off the water? It is possible. Just one phone call to Wetterwille suffices to realize your dreams. We rent out comfortable motor boats for an adventurous holiday in the beautiful Frisian Lake District. At Wetterwille you can take an intensive short navigation course, which teaches you the essentials of the sailing trade in a single day.

During your exploration trip on the water you can enjoy the beauty of nature and breathtaking peace and quiet; such as, in the Frisian National Park “De Alde Feanen” with its unique pools. Along your sailing route there are welcoming water sport centers, where you will find charming restaurants and where you will be touched by the Frisian hospitality.

Enjoy Friesland and get in touch with Wetterwille today, where Alexander van Walsum and Petra Wink will gladly inform you about the various possibilities.

Whether it is about a sailing course, a water route map, an adventurous family holiday trip or tips about a spot you just HAVE to visit: Wetterwille just helps you to get started on the Frisian waters!


Jelle-paad 8
8493 RG Terherne

T :+31566-688812

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Yachtcharter Wetterwille