IJsvogel Water Sports

IJsvogel Water Sports


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Fancy a day out on your “own” boat and are at least 18? Hire a comfortable and easy to operate boat from us. You don’t need a nautical license, but will receive detailed instructions before you leave. You have the choice from a number of route maps which can be found on board. Prefer not to do it yourself? Then you can (for a fee and on availability) hire an experienced skipper.

Taking this type of boat is extremely suitable for babies and children as they are very stable. In addition they have a spray hood so that (if desired) the children can sit, lie or play out of the sun or wind. It also stops children from hanging over the side of the boat. Feel free to bring a maxi cosy, small cot or buggy on board for the little ones to sleep or play in.

The luxurious Premier tender boats are comfortable and stable and have plenty of space for 6 to 8 adults. Our boats have a luxurious feel and offer total comfort. The comfort is particularly noticeable in the stability, manoeuvrability due to the use of a bow thruster and upholstery of the boats. The luxurious look is reflected in the fender and the use of stainless steel on the boats.


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IJsvogel Water Sports