Terherne Water sports

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Terherne, THE water sport paradise on the renowned Sneekermeer, is located on a central island in the Frisian lake area. The village can easily be reached by car, boat and public transport and offers unique opportunities to discover the beauty of the Frisian water land in all its aspects. Whether you are an experienced or less experienced water sportsperson, Terherne is the place to be, in each season, for motor boat masters, sailors, fishermen, people who want to relax onshore, rowers, and canoe enthusiasts and – not to be forgotten – skaters.

From Terherne you can discover the water in all directions. You can choose the vast Sneekermeer, well known for the Sneek Week and the “skûtsjesilen”, take a round trip by boat with Heeg and Langweer as stop in between or see the beauty of the lakes and environment in the south west corner.

For people with a smaller boat who are just looking for peace and quiet, Terherne is the ideal point of departure towards the Lege Gean, a meadow bird area with little brooks, canals, small bridges and small lakes and picturesque villages like Gauw, Tersoal and Poppenwier, where you operate the small locks yourself.

Terherne is a true water sport paradise in Friesland and Terherne’s special character, from many points of view, with all the many possibilities on and near the water, justify the characterization as being paradise. The small islands of Adam and Eve are not located without reason in this area.

It may well be that after just one visit you will be bitten by the “island bug”, something to which Terherne gladly responds with a select offering of marinas with well fitted docking spots, where the traditional Frisian hospitality is our pride. Technical water sport companies are ready and waiting for you in case of a breakdown and most yacht marinas offer the opportunity to store your boat on land during the winter. In case you don’t own a boat yourself, Terherne has various companies that rent out sailing and motor boats and who will advise and assist you in every possible way and inform you about the ins and outs of the water area.

Terherne has become a beloved spot today for many water sportsmen/women, nature lovers, people seeking peace and quiet and ‘winter sportsmen/women’, in brief the ideal island to feel totally at home. We are confident that you too will soon be in the grasp of the wonderful island, the breathtaking nature and the unlimited opportunities.