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Water Park Oan 'e Poel

Water Park Oan 'e Poel


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Oan 'e Poel. An extraordinary experience on the new water park in Terherne which counts only 33 homes.

The cozy park is located in the middle of the Terherne village, supermarket, little shops, restaurants and entertainment are within walking distance.

The 'Dag'zeilschool (Day sailing school) is also new. Your children can take lessons with you or on their own in a “valk”, “optimist” or other type of boat.

We now also rent electric sloops from Greenjoy

And after that, sleep comfortably in your own bed! In our car-free park, something new can be discovered and experienced every day.

In particular, water sports from all angles play an important role.

For children of all ages there is something nice to do: swimming, sailing and/or operate little boats.

There is just no better and more enjoyable form of entertainment. 


Buorren 2
8493 LE Terherne

T :+31642-443115

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Water Park Oan 'e Poel