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Restaurant Portunus

Restaurant Portunus

Restaurant and marina

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Restaurant Portunus is a cozy café right in the middle of the heart of the Frisian water sport area.

Our location is unique, both from the café and from the terrace you have a beautiful view on the well used Prinses Margriet canal, which you can enjoy thoroughly on long summer days.

Restaurant Portunus distinguishes itself by the cozy and atmosphere-rich decoration and the free ambience which is also determined by the informal and quick service.

You are welcome for a wonderful cup of coffee with a pastry, a varied lunch or an excellent dinner.

Next to the magnificent view and the unique location, our establishment is also very suitable for private parties, birthdays and other celebrations.


Syl 12a
8493LL Terherne

T :+31566-689090

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Restaurant Portunus