Estate Agent Heddema

Estate Agent Heddema


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Heddema Makelaardij en Verzekeringen (estate agent and insurances) you will find in the centre of the beautiful water sports village Terherne.  An energetic village where it is not just pleasant to live, but also a delightful spot to enjoy your recreational home, directly on the Frisian water.We will gladly help you in your search for a suitable recreational home.

You will find ourwide range of recreational homes on our website, but we often also have such homes on “silent offer”, which are not visible on the internet. We will gladly show you around in the wide number of homes on offer.

We, Jan Henk Heddema and Annelies Piersma, have lived for many years and with much pleasure in Terherne and we really know everything there is to know about the village, the environment, the destination and the history of the homes on offer. We also know exactly where it is allowed to use a home solely for recreational purposes under Dutch law and for which houses a mixed purpose (recreational AND permanent) is applicable. We can gladly assist you in every possible way.

Furthermore, our office specializes in (recreation) insurances. Because only IF your property is adequately insured, you can enjoy it without any worries.

At Heddema Makelaardij en Verzekeringen we have all the necessary know-how under one roof.


Buorren 112
8493 LJ Terherne

T :+31513-623103

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Estate Agent Heddema