Oksewiel Marina

Oksewiel Marina


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Oksewiel marina is situated at the eastern verge of the village Terherne (Terhorne). It is an ideal port of departure because Terherne is located in the heart of Friesland, in the centre of the waterland.

The modern and well equipped marina has 240 roofed berths. Motorboats and yachts to a size of 19 meters will find a secure shelter that can be trusted. For a short stay there are always some open berths available.

The management of Oksewiel marina is done by an experienced harbourmaster. He cares for constant surveillance of your property during the day and night.

For the development of our new boat shed we have considered the latest technologies, which are of the following advantages to your boat:

*No need to make your boat winter-proof again. The new shed is completely insulated against freezing temperatures.

*More room in your cupboards at home. Due to high quality insulation against humidity the quality of the cap and cushions is preserved.


Terhernsterdyk 6
8493 LP Terherne

T :+31566-689277 

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Oksewiel Marina