Kameleon Terherne

Kameleon Terherne


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Arrangement Vrolijk: Bake unlimited pancakes on a wood fire, and during bad weather, bake pizzas in the ship storage yard

Kameleon boerderij (The Chameleon farmhouse, based on the series of children’s books). 
Within a three minute walk from the boat station, in the middle of the village of Lenten, you will find the Kameleon farmhouse.

Next to the various bus stops in the “village” talking milk containers give directions and give you tips to solve the Riddle. 
You can take a look in the prison cell of constable Zwart, the village hall, the little house of the Klinkhamer family (where the principal characters Sietse and Hielke live) and at the blacksmith.

Tea garden, playing meadow and ship storage: 
on the Kameleon boerderij you will find, next to the tea garden with terrace, a large playing meadow of 1,500m², where the children can play as much as they like in tree huts, a stranded pirate ship, a climbing boulder and a water feature. Next to the beach-volleyball field, you will find the ship shed with a great indoor playing area. 


Do get on board one of our farm flat boats and sail along across the beautiful Terhernster Poelen.  During the trip your children will be challenged to solve the problem of the notorious constable Zwart. At the end of the round trip you can leave the boat to discover the adventure island.


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Kameleon Terherne