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Farm Camping Hettinga

Farm Camping Hettinga

Rustical farm camp

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This unique camping experience can be found at the Terkaplester Poel

Farm-camp Hettinga is situated in a unique location on the ‘Terkaplester Poel’ with beautiful views across the water!

We offer a mini campsite and group accommodation in addition to our dairy farm where you can of course come and help milk and feed the calves. It’s a beautiful place for children to play, either in the water, with the animals or on the football field and you too will enjoy our friendly farm-camp site.

Feel free to bring your boat along. The site is open from the 1st April to the 1st October; water, power, drainage and wireless internet is available. Guests have their own sanitary block at their disposal.

The group accommodation is suitable for groups of at least 15 and up to 50 people and is particularly suited to sailing, club or family weekends. Have something to celebrate? We’d like to help. We only have one group at a time, so you will be the only guests here. And all this at a very reasonable price.

Looking for a place at a farm-camp site with a caravan/tent/boat or want to camp as a group and stay in the group accommodation? Then you are very welcome at  “It moaiste plakje fan Fryslân”!



Utbuorren 48
8493 MA Terherne

T :+31566-689239

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Farm Camping Hettinga