Camping De Koaipleats

Camping De Koaipleats


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Free view and rest is at the Koaipleats a must

Dairy farmer Rinze Kleefstra is the 5th generation  living on the 200 year old ‘stelp’ farm "De Koaipleats" in Terherne. You can experience farming life on his premises. Chattering birds, quacking ducks, croaking frogs, sprinting hares and sometimes even roe deer will provide you with the ultimate sense of nature and tranquillity.

The unique location offers a lively take on farming life alongside peace and quiet. From the birth of a calf to the farmer’s day-to-day ritual of milking the cows. The nearby marina and the welcoming village at walking distance, together with the dynamic of the farm and the rural setting, create a completely unique experience.

The campsite is located around the farm. The meadow is formed naturally by many high, green trees that provide cooling shade during the hot summer days. There are football goalposts for children, swings, a trampoline, endless hiding places, indoor basketball, pedal tractors, a volleyball net and many other home-grown activities.

At the back of the farm there is a fully equipped holiday chalet. The stunning view across the countryside and the canal is genuinely breathtaking

Farmer Rinze also welcomes larger groups to his farm.


Terhernsterdyk 1
8493 LP Terherne

T :+31566-689218

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Camping De Koaipleats