Terherne Country life

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In Terherne you can enjoy the country life throughout all four seasons. Terherne is in winter, starting as early as November; a true port of call for many different kinds of geese, such as the white-fronted goose, the barnacle goose, occasionally the snow goose and the pink-footed goose and the bean goose.

Other breeds of birds like the golden plover, the fieldfare, the coot and various breeds of ducks find spend the winter in this area. When the geese move away to their breeding areas, songbirds, reed and meadow birds return breed in and around Terherne.

In the grazing fields around Terherne you will see the lapwing, redshank, curlew, black-tailed godwit and other meadow birds between the grazing sheep and cows. Other favorite spots to breed are the various nature reservations and the typical "fûgeltsjelân" (little bird’s land in Frisian language). This "fûgeltsjelân" may only be mowed after the 15th of June each year; because of the great diversity in meadow flowers and sorts of grass it not only offers a beautiful sight, but it is also an ideal hiding place for many kinds of animals.

Fûgelwacht (Bird watch) Terherne protects all the breeding places of birds. They are in close contact with the farmers who manage their meadows in the Terherne area. The farmers let their cows graze outside as much as possible during the entire season. You are most welcome at several farming enterprises in Terherne for a firsthand experience of how farm life on the “Lege Wâlden” is.

And what could possibly be calmer and more natural than camping in a meadow nearby or behind a farm!

Nearby Terherne, in the direction of the town of Joure, you will find the typical Frisian Horses in the meadows. And you can enjoy the storks that try to raise their offspring high on the posts in the field.

The country side around Terherne can be experienced on foot, by bicycle or by boat !