Wedding Location Tsjerke

Wedding Location Tsjerke


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You are most heartily welcome at Tsjerke!

The fairytale like wedding location in the picturesque Frisian island village of Terherne, surrounded by the Frisian lakes.

You can get married inside our little church, but it is not a church ceremony, unless, next to the civil marriage you also choose a church ceremony.

Our church is available for everyone, all options and all denominations. After the ceremony the church or the equally romantic garden can be turned around into a reception or party room.

For larger parties we have a party hall within walking distance of the church and – not to be forgotten – a luxurious honeymoon suite and fully furnished suites for your guests, located at the historic ship harbor.

Next to our intimate little church, we truly have everything and within walking distance to make your wedding day an all way round romantic, but above all unforgettable day.

In addition we work, as one of the few, with you in the prices, so that you will not be met with any unexpected surprises later.


Buorren 46
8493 LG Terherne

T:+316-312 846 14

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Wedding Location Tsjerke