Terherne Business

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The perfect location for your next meeting, incentive or team building event
Terherne is a true action island, just think about the following activities:

- barge or “Skutjse” sailing

- a sloop treasure hunt

- sailing regatta

- BBQ-ing on an island in the “Poelen”

- bird watching or pike perching with one of the villagers

- teambuilding in THAT island

- meeting in the antique ships port

- seminar in Tsjerke: our old Frisian village church

And at night: let your hair hang loose in the 250 year old “brown” village pub “De Zevenwouden”, have a delightful dinner in one of the many restaurants and a good night’s rest in our beautiful stay-over chalets or business B&B’s.

Plan your next event in Terherne; we promise that you will leave our island in the Frisian lakes in the end with a totally refreshed, energetic head!